Wild Things Girls Softball / REGISTRATION 2019 Season
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CHOOSE the appropriate Softball Division for your Wild Thing. Note: The girls are placed -- by age and/or school grade -- into appropriate divisions. Please select the appropriate group below. This season, each division will only meet once a week.
T-Shirt Size *
Choose a t-shirt size for your Wild Thing. Note: Please consider that many of the girls prefer a baggy look rather than a tight fit for their t-shirts. Caps are adjustable, so there is no need to specify cap size. There is no additional cost for the WILD THING t-shirt and cap; the cost is covered by the registration fee. *We cannot guarantee the exact size you order as sizes and styles of t-shirts from our supplier vary annually. We will do our best to get a good fit for each girl.
Optional Gear for Adults
OPTIONAL (Not Required): We can order t-shirts for Parents/Guardians. Note: Parents/Guardians are welcome to purchase Wild Things t-shirts ($15) to wear themselves. T-shirts are generally available in the following sizes: ADULT SMALL, ADULT MEDIUM, ADULT LARGE, ADULT X-LARGE, ADULT XX-LARGE. If you want a t-shirt, please specify the size and quantity.
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Waiver *
PLEASE READ AND SIGN THE FOLLOWING: I certify that the girl named above is approved to participate in this sports program, consisting of practices, games, and other activities sponsored by this community initiative. I, the responsible parent/guardian of the above-named girl, do hereby give my approval for her participation in any and all activities during the current season. I assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation, including transportation to and from the program’s activities. I assume responsibility for providing a sufficient level of health insurance coverage for the above-named girl during the period of time she participates in this sports program and/or for making arrangements for covering any costs arising out of any injury to her in connection with this sports program. This program is not sponsored by or affiliated with any incorporated organization; it is a private, cooperative, volunteer effort organized and led by local parents. I do hereby waive, release, absolve, and agree to hold harmless Allens Lane Art Center and this program’s coaches and any other volunteers associated with this program, for any claim(s) arising out of any injury to the above-named girl or others in my family or others under my care. I understand that this sports program does not provide medical staff at program events and that the coaches may not have received any medical training, and I give those associated with this sports program permission to act, in their view, in the best interests of my child in the event of any injury. I also give permission for my child to receive emergency medical treatment and to be transported to the nearest hospital or other facility should she be injured. I understand that I am welcome to be present -- and to participate in ensuring safety for all concerned -- at all practices, games, and program events. Please read the above and indicate your endorsement with your signature by typing your name in the box below.
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