Gateway Community Neighborhood Survey
This survey is designed to gather your opinions regarding our community. It is our intention to use the data collected to aid in the development of a Community Master Plan for the Gateway Community. As you complete the survey, please remember we do not need your name; therefore, all responses will be anonymous. There is no right or wrong answer; please answer the questions as thoroughly as possible. Thank you in advance for taking the time to contribute to this effort.
Tell us about yourself
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What is your age?
Do you live in the Neighborhood?
Do you work in the Neighborhood?
Do you own a business in the Neighborhood?
None of the above, my interest in the neighborhood is:
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How long have you lived, worked, or owned a business in the Gateway Neighborhood?
I have lived in the neighborhood for ___ years
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I have worked in the neighborhood for ___ years
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I have owned a business in the neighborhood for ___ years
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The name of the block club/ community group in my area is:
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I belong to the _____________ block club or community group
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I work/ own a business at: ___________ and this is the type of business
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Do you have children in your home?
If yes, how old?
Why did you move to or continue to live in the Neighborhood?
How many years do you plan to live in the neighborhood?
If you plan to move out of the neighborhood sometime in the future please indicate why. (Check all that apply)
What is your general opinion of the neighborhood?
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How do you describe the overall quality of life in the neighborhood?
Thinking about the last ten years, how do you describe the change in the overall quality of life in the neighborhood?
What level of importance do you place on each of the following aspects of your neighborhood?
Very Important
Very Unimportant
No Opinion
Access to Freeways
Access to downtown Detroit
Access to airport
Availability of cultural activities
Affordability of housing
Availability of health care
Availability of retail shopping
Availability of recreational oppurtunities
Opportunities for jobs and economic development
Value of taxation
Sense of safety and security
Quality of City services
Quality of the houses/neighborhoods
Quality of the public school distict
Small-town atmosphere
Stability of home values
Public transportation
Walkability of the Neighborhood
If other, please explain:
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From the list above, which THREE community characteristics are most important to you in the future?
How do you rate the following city services?
Very good
No Opinion
Police protection / fire protection / emergency medical service
Garbage and recyclable removal / yard waste removal / snow removal
Access to public transportation
Handicap accessibility
Public library/schools
Storm sewers/flood management
Traffic management on major streets
Traffic management on residential streets
Public parks
If other, please explain:
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Housing / Neighborhoods
When answering these questions, please think about your neighborhood and your place of residence.
In your opinion, how important are the following features or characteristics of your current place of residence and your neighborhood?
Very Important
Totally Unimportant
No Opinion
Condition of your house or apartment complex
Condition of surrounding dwellings
Overall appearance of neighborhood
Housing values
Condition of the roads
Condition of the sidewalks
Condition of street lighting
Availability of handicap amenities
Walkable to schools and parks
Accessible to Downtown
Condition of surrounding properties (other than residential)
If other, please explain:
Your answer
In your opinion, how do you feel about the current supply of housing options in The North End Neighborhood; do you think there are too many, too few, or the right amount of each type?
Too Many
About Right
Too Few
No Opinion
Housing for first-time home buyers
Housing that attracts young people
Affordable single-family homes
Affordable rental apartments
Market-rate rental apartments
Independent senior housing
Assisted living for seniors
Low-income housing options
Housing for people with disabilities
Lofts (for sale)
Lofts (rental)
Attached town-homes (for sale)
Luxury single-family homes
Luxury condominiums
If other, please explain:
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Do you know the alley behind your house is your responsibility to clean and maintain?
How should your block's alley be managed?
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Gateway Residents Only
(If you work in the Gateway Neighborhood but live elsewhere, skip this section.)
Do you rent or own your current place of residence?
Gateway Homeowners Only
Gateway Homeowners only: (if you rent skip to the next section)
Have you recently made or thought about making any of the following home improvements? (Check only one response for each now)
Completed it in the last three years
Plan to complete in next three years
Considered, but no immediate plans in place
Have not considered or not needed
Does not apply
Remodel a kitchen / bath
Repaint / siding the exterior
New windows
New roof
Upgrade the electrical / plumbing system
Install new heating / cooling system
Put on a room addition
New garage and/or driveway
Front porch/ stairs/ banisters