A Night at the 21st Century Museum - Project Proposal
The Tulare County Office of Education is committed to supporting both student innovation and enhanced opportunities for showcasing student learning. A Night at the 21st Century Museum, provides Central Valley students with an opportunity to present rigorous and relevant projects to a larger public audience in a formal venue. Similarly, the exhibition provides community members, parents, and educators with the opportunity to view a broad variety of exemplary 21st century student work.

In order for a student project to be considered for entry in the exhibition, a formal proposal must be submitted (one per project). This process will ensure that student exemplars demonstrate the outcomes of rigorous, in-depth inquiry and allow TCOE staff to attend to preparation considerations.

We appreciate thorough responses to the proposal questions.

Thank you!

*If submitting several projects for consideration, each project requires a separate proposal submission.
*You will receive notification regarding participation status within five days of proposal submission.

School Name
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Teacher Full Name
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Grade Level
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How did you hear about this event?
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Project Title
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Type of Project
Is the project's final product a performance, video, book, presentation, presentation board, or some other type of project?
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What is the Essential Question for the project?
What question does the project answer? if you are unsure how to answer this, please type "I need assistance from the curator" and we will get back to you with help.
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Sample Inquiry Model
What inquiry was used in this project?
Use the model above or the model used in your classroom to answer this question.
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What was the most important thing your students learned from this experience?
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How does this project demonstrate 21st Century skills?
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Have students had the opportunity to present this project to another audience? If so, to whom?
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What is this projects real-world connection?
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How does this project show college, career, and life readiness?
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Will this project require access to electricity?
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