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What is a controlled experiment?
Yahya wants to find out if the location of basketball court (indoor vs. outdoor) affects the percentage of 3 point shots he makes. What is the IV and DV in Yahya's experiment?
Which of the following is NOT a testable question format?
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Paula wants to find out if the tempo of a song has an effect on heart rate. She selects 3 Rihanna songs, one with a tempo of 86 bpm (bpm = beats per minute), 120 bpm, and 152 bpm. Write a testable question for Paula.
Victoria wants to find out what type of bread (store bought vs. homemade) takes longer to mold. She uses the article, "How Do Preservatives Prevent Mold" as part of her background research. Use the article (http://www.livestrong.com/article/546469-how-do-preservatives-prevent-mold/) to write a hypothesis for Victoria.
Use the proper format for writing a hypothesis. If you need help, refer to http://www.shonscience.com/6/post/2013/11/writing-a-hypothesis.html
Calculate the average number of minutes Reina plays her Xbox over the course of the week.
Monday: 38 minutes, Tuesday: 42 minutes, Wednesday: 36 minutes, Thursday: 54 minutes, Friday: 62 minutes, Saturday: 94 minutes, Sunday: 34 minutes (help video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95h7qAkz5QY)
List Ms. Shon's guidelines for writing an experimental procedure.
What is a limitation in science?
Where in your lab report do you discuss limitations and suggestions for addressing these limitations?
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What are the parts of a scientific explanation?
Check all that apply.
What is a "claim"?
Where do you make/write a tentative claim in your lab report?
hint: think about the meaning of "tentative"
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Where do you make/write a final claim in your lab report?
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What do you think it means to "isolate" a variable in a controlled experiment?
hint: think about the meaning of isolate and independent variable
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What do you think it means to "control" the variables in an experiment?
hint: think about the meaning of control and the nature of a controlled experiment!
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How is the scientific method connected to a scientific explanation?
What type of scientific investigation is needed to answer the testable question, "How does the time of day affect the number of fish a penguin eats?"
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What is sample size?
hint: sample size is similar to number of trials, but can refer to the actual physical size of something you observe/measure in an experiment
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