SIP & Clip (Art) Sunday, July 19, 2020, 3- 4 pm
This workshop will teach and demonstrate how to compose a flyer in Microsoft Word using text, graphics,
photos, and layout shortcuts. Many of the skills can be used to create greeting cards.

1) Microsoft Word
2) Border design of your choice (picture frame, decorative borders for your document)
3) Photo of your choice (jpg or png format) stored on your computer
4) Graphic of your choice (jpg, png, or psd format) stored on your computer
5) Printer (bw or color)
6) Printer paper, 8.5”x11” any color

Follow along with Linda Chew Toda as she demonstrates Microsoft Word 365 on Windows 10 operating
system. Elements of Line, Color, Form, and Composition will be covered. Be aware that the working
window and tools may appear differently on other operating systems.

Host& Instructor:Linda Chew
Technical Host:Juliet Sham
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