HWF Board of Directors Candidate Application
There are THREE frames to complete on this online form. Please complete all three and submit the final page or your application will not be completed. Thank you!

Please complete as much of the form as much you can. If a question doesn't apply to you you may just say "N/A". The purpose for the information requested is to help the nominating committee select a board of directors with a variety of complimentary skills.

To be eligible to serve on the HWF Board of Directors you MUST be a dues paying member, either regular or student membership.

It is not required that you also be an AHA member to serve on the board, but if you are interested in serving as HWF President, you must be both a HWF member and an AHA member.

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A board member must be an AHA member to serve as president. HWF is also required to have at least 5 AHA members in membership. If you are not already a member, you may choose to become one after being chosen to be on the BOD.
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