THRIVE Survey for Internationals
An opportunity for internationals to submit their opinions on working in and with the Dutch job market.

We invite you to participate in our survey. It will take you about 10 minutes to complete. Responses provided in the survey will be used to to map out a global picture of the matter. The goals are to gather insights to share with internationals, and to give one another the extra support that can be of great help when you are in a foreign country.

There are 3 steps to this process:

1). Fill out this survey.

2). Receive survey results -- Please email us at if you would like to receive the report that will be generated from the survey. Please indicate "Interested in Survey Result" in the subject line.

3). Share the survey -- Please help us share the survey with as many of your internationals friends in the Netherlands as possible. We aim to gather a wide view, from employed and unemployed individuals. We hope to receive about 1000 responses from all around the Netherlands so that we can actually draw some trends. So please share widely, that would be VERY helpful.
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