2019 Summer & 2018-2019 Winter Farmers Market Survey
All VTFMA markets are required to complete this survey for their 2019 market season before their 2020 VTFMA Membership will be processed. Data collected from this survey will provide important information about the operations and impacts of markets across Vermont, and also helps us to communicate the importance of farmers markets to state legislators and other funders that might support farmers market in Vermont. YOUR DATA MATTERS!

If your market operates in both the summer and winter, please complete this survey twice--once for each season.

Your market information will only be reported in the aggregate, meaning that we will not share it with any other organizations without your permission.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Jennie Porter at jennie@nofavt.org or (802) 434-4122, ext. 36.
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How many market days was your market scheduled for this season? Do not subtract any cancelled market days from this total. If your market operates two days per week, please count each as a market day. *
Did your market have to move from its regular space this season for any length of time? *
Did any vendors report reduced production because of weather impacts this season? *
If you answered yes above, how many vendors reported reduced production?
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Did your market ever have to close early or not open at all during regularly scheduled market times this season? *
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