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You are part of a larger group of people taking part in The Great Reset.

The key pillars of The Great Reset are to share with humility and listen with respect. There is no agenda. The purpose is to empower everyone to engage in conversation.

These surveys are intended to help us build better conversations. We believe more people talking and listening leads to better and stronger communities.

Again, thank you for taking part in the conversation. Your participation helps bring us all just a bit closer together.

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Do you believe one of the founding principles of the United States is the separation of church and state? *
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In America today, do you believe that the principle of separation of church and state is being threatened, or not? *
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Do you believe a small business, because of their religious beliefs, should be able to deny products or services to anyone? *
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Do you believe religious beliefs should be used to structure policy or laws? *
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When we speak of the division of church and state, are we referring to a specific religion, or all religions? *
If we no longer had separation of church and state, is it acceptable to honor all established religions? *
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Of the following religions which is acceptable to merge with politics and policy? *
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Is religion important to setting a moral compass for a country? *
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