Payroll Advance Request Form
By completing this form, you acknowledge that you are aware of our Payroll Advance Policy in the Employee Handbook.

Employees can ask for a pay advance if they:
• Have completed their probation period.
• Have not asked for a pay advance in the past six months.
• These conditions apply to all eligible employees without discrimination
against protected characteristics, rank or position.

A GCash account is required for us to deposit the approved amount.
Employee Name *
Gcash Mobile Number *
Requested Amount *
Date Needed *
Purpose of the Payroll Advance *
Repayment Detail (Payroll Deduction) *
Repayment Detail (Amount to Deduct) *
By completing this form, I understand and agree that if I terminate my employment for any reason, prior to the complete payment, the remaining balance will be deducted from my final salary. If the final salary is not enough to cover the complete re-payment of this loan, then I promise to make the full payment. PicaBean Coffee House has the right to collect these funds at my expense should I fail to do so. *
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