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I will personally look over the results of your form and send you an evaluation of your spiritual type and some idea of your spiritual gifts. I do need your name and email address. I will ONLY add you to my mailing list if you give me explicit permission. It is my hope that these questions invite you along your spiritual journey, the results give you food for reflection and that the type descriptions invite you to further exploration and growth. If you would like to pursue that exploration with me, I would be honored to enter into a spiritual mentoring with you. Bright Blessings, Rev Amy
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When I think about Religious Community, what most appeals is: *
Please pick the option that fits most closely. You'll notice many of these are "forced choice" questions. That is part of the learning... We both know that you are more complex than one answer can ever represent, but going through the process of choosing just one... That is helpful!
My current, most fulfilling, spiritual practice is: *
Please pick the answer that fits most closely
My "Hogwarts House" is *
Mark "Don't Know" if you are not a Harry Potter fan :)
When faced with the harms and "isms" of the world and people's pain and neediness I can serve best by: *
If it helps, pick a scenario to imagine 1) A person in your aisle at the grocery store answers their cell phone and then bursts into tears at what they hear. 2) An injured (not dangerous) forest animal is on the path you are hiking 3) at a dinner party an argument breaks out about incarcerated children 4) There's a shooting in your mall/school/synagogue/neighborhood...
People tell me that I have/offer... *
Check as many as apply
If you are helping me improve this tool, you can use this spot to share some feedback. THANKS!
My Myers Briggs Type is *
To get your real MBTI you should work with a trained test administrator. If you want to approximate, this web site is helpful:
The Spiritual Tradition of my Childhood/Youth/Past includes *
My Present Spiritual Tradition is closest to one of these groupings: *
(Pick one, if you can)
I most often prefer to practice my spirituality *
I learn and grow in my faith most when: *
Please pick the option that most closely matches your best context.
What I most want from my spirituality is: *
My (most) sacred scripture/source of inspiration/guidance is *
I have had peak "spiritual mountaintop" experiences where *
(A powerful, meaningful experience. Usually, but not always positive. Usually, but not always, an experience where the boundary of your skin means less.
My Enneagram is *
The Enneagram is best discovered over time with the assistance of books and exploration and a trained teacher. If you want to appoximate, this article is helpful (excuse the gendered references to the divine):
The Superpower I most wish I had is: *
I understand the Divine/Holy as: *
What is your relationship to what you hold holy? *
Please mark the 1-3 fears which most resonate with your reality
This might be your core vulnerability, or your primary childhood wounding. This might be the personality flaw you struggle most with or the thing that holds you back from being your most whole, authentic, powerful self.
Fear of losing identity, insignificance/Need to know "You are seen/known"
Fear of being unlovable/Need to know "You are wanted"
Fear of being without value/Need to know "You are lovable for yourself"
Fear of losing connection, fragmentation, Need to know "You matter"
Fear of being bad, corrupt, defective/Need to know "You are good"
Fear of being without support or guidance/Need to know "You are safe"
Fear of being harmed, controlled/Need to know "You'll not be betrayed"
Fear of being deprived, trapped in pain/Need to know "You'll be taken care of"
Fear of being useless, incompetent/Need to know "Your needs a not a problem"
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Bad things happen in our lives because: *
The desert fathers/mothers asked: "What is the greatest obstacle to your deepest prayer?" I invite you to offer an answer, below:
Spiritually, where are you headed? What destination are you hoping to reach? or, put differently: What would a spiritually fulfilling life look like for you?
Anything else you’d like to share. (If you are helping me work on improving this tool, feedback could be typed here)
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