USD 387 - End of Year Parent Feedback Survey
In order to provide the most meaningful learning experiences for our students moving forward, we want to seek feedback throughout this process. Please answer the following questions to help us best meet the need of ALL students.


The information collected in this survey will NOT be shared publicly, but used internally for planning purposes.
What grade is your student in? *
Please rate your level of satisfaction in the following areas: *
Not satisfied at all
Somewhat satisfied
Very satisfied
Frequency of Communication from Teacher
Quality of Communication from Teacher
Frequency of Communication from Building and/or District
Quality of Communication from building and/or District
Amount of schoolwork assigned each day
Quality/Value of the schoolwork assigned
Support available for academic needs
Support available for social and emotional needs
Quality of Device Access
Quality of Internet Access
Comments regarding your satisfaction with elements listed above.
How did the connection between your child and school change during the last quarter of school? *
Worsened considerably
Strengthened considerably
What contributed to that change?
How did your student's level of engagement change during the last quarter of school? *
was much less engaged with school work
was much more engaged with school work
What contributed to that change?
What was the most successful aspect of the last quarter of school this year?
What was the least successful aspect of the last quarter of school this year?
What other thoughts would you like to share regarding the school experience the last quarter?
What is your preferred method of communication regarding updates from the school? (check all that apply)
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