Vacation Rentals (Digital marketing)
A a postgraduate student in Hospitality Management in France, I am conducting a survey report on digital marketing related to Vacation Rentals.
Could you please be so kind to help me by answering few questions? It will only take 5 minutes of your time!
Thank you so much in advance!
Why did you decide to rent out your property? *
For example: extra money, empty property, love for hosting etc.
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Which one of these groups are you a part of? *
How did you find out about it? *
In your opinion, what is the main advantage of this brand? *
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And the main disadvantage being... *
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What was the main raison for you joining this particular brand? *
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Is there anything you would like to change about brand's policy towards hosts? *
If yes, please make your suggestions
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Does the fact that the group has/may have an insurance policy have impact on your decision to join it?
If your brand was to be a partner or associated with another brand from service sector, which one would you like it to be? *
P.S. Service sector includes: Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes; Transport; Banking services, Insurance services, Food and beverage services, Postal services...basically any kind of services For example, AirBnB already partners with Sonos (The Home Sound System)
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How important is it to you that the brand you join has a good online reputation ? *
Not important at all
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Current activity: *
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