Photo Quiz #1
Each week for the next five weeks I am going to post a brief quiz. They are intended for you as a barometer for how well you understand the tech stuff. If you are answering five out of five questions correctly, you're in good shape. If not, you need work. We will review the quizzes at the beginning of class. If lots of students aren't getting it, I know that I need to change my approach.
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Which of these best defines ISO, which is short for Internationals Standards Organization
F/stops are a universal system for measuring light. Each F/stop is one “unit” of light. You might say (or hear me say) “You need to open up by one f/stop” or “you’re overexposed by one f/stop” when describing a picture that is a little too dark or too light. Each change in F/stop either doubles or halves the amount of light striking the sensor.
3) Proper exposure is achieved by first establishing the ISO setting and then balancing the aperture size against shutter speed. The shutter speed controls your ability to freeze motion. The aperture controls which of the following:
You have to take photos of a poetry slam at a poorly lit club in Astoria. You do an exposure test. Your camera is set at an IS0 of 800. Your aperture is at its F/5.6 (Max is F/2.8). Your shutter speed is roughly 1/15th of second – too slow to ensure you will be able to get an image in focus and with no motion blur. You need to make a change. What are your choices and what are the pros and cons of each?
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You are taking pictures of a young woman from Queens who is a Junior Golden Gloves champion as she works out in her local gym. You’ll need a shutter speed of about 250th to freeze her movements in the ring, but the gym is poorly lit. You do an exposure test: Your ISO is at 200, Your shutter is at 60th of a second and your aperture is at F/5.6 (max. F/2.8). You appear to be underexposed by 2 F-stops. What are your choices?
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