2019 District 18 Constituent Survey
1. The Legislature may be called into special session to deal with Governor Dunleavy’s line item vetoes of the budget as passed by the legislature. To best serve you I need to know what your priorities are when it comes to funding state services. Please rate the below services in or order of priority 1 – 12 with 1 being of highest importance and 12 being the lowest, selecting each number only once.
Construction Projects
Environmental Conservation
Fish & Game Programs
Labor & Workplace Development
Law Enforcement
Road Maintenance
Senior Benefits/Pioneer Homes
University of Alaska
2. How would you rate the Dunleavy administration’s first five months?
3. Governor Dunleavy has proposed a 23% cut to the statewide education budget, which would reduce school funding by close to $277 million. The Anchorage School District, which is facing a $105.9 million cut, is warning that this cut will cause class sizes to increase from 30 to 40 students in Anchorage’s high school classrooms. Which statement is most closely aligned with your views on education funding?
4. Do you support state provided preschool or Pre-K?
5. Governor Dunleavy proposed a $19 million cut to the Alaska Department of Corrections. As part of this cut, the governor wants to send 500 inmates out of state to for-profit prisons. It has been reported that prisoners sent out of state have been exposed to gang influences and have brought those gang connections with them when they return to Alaska. Do you support the policy of sending inmates to for-profit prisons out of state?
6. Do you feel that the crime problem is getting better, worse, or is about the same?
7. Out of the options below which do you support and which do you oppose in regard to helping Alaska end its budget crisis?
Using a portion of the Permanent Fund earnings to pay for public services and programs with protecting continuous dividend checks of at least $1000 for future generations.
Introduce a state sales tax
Introduce a progressive state income tax
Reduce tax credits to the oil industry
Cutting government spending by the amount proposed by the House of Representatives ($200 million)
Cutting government spending by the amount proposed by the Governor ($1.3 Billion)
8. Do you have any other comments or concerns you would like to share with me?
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