Love from OLB
Share your little story / something you need encouragement for / anything! We'll pick 30-40 responses each month, and send you a snail mail your way at the end of the month - just to remind you that you're never alone :)

This has been a side initiative when I used to run a separate account, but after I got busy with OLB, I took a break. No better way to re-introduce this initiative than with the lovely OLB family!

Here's how it works:
1. Fill in your details below
2. Share your story / what you need encouragement for
3. OLB will send a card via snail mail (normal mail) at the end of the month
(Cut off for every month is on the 28th)

That's all! Due to limited resources, please understand if OLB is unable to fulfil all requests! We'll do our best - but that's not to say that your troubles are invalid / less important than others.

We'll work towards opening more slots for sure! Thank you for understanding, and we can't wait to start sending love your way :)
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