The De-Stress Questionnaire
A Very Warm Welcome.

This questionnaire will help you gain clarity around the stress in your life.

For each of the areas below there is a specific tool that can be used to clear the stress (chemicals) and emotion (chemicals) usually in 1-4 minutes when the rating is up to 7/10 . When the rating is higher than 7/10 it is important to seek support.

Please note: the best way to use this questionnaire is to fill it in and then print it out so that you can add your ratings.

If you are having a session or starting the online program please print the questionnaire so that you have a copy of it to refer to.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or text or call Valee 021 123 8890 - New Zealand +64.

My warmest wishes.
Valee More
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