Computer Turn In Form
You will need to fill out this form prior to turning in your computer at the end of year. The charger you have must have the same number as your computer(unless you have a loaner laptop or your charger was replaced). If your charger does not have a number on it now, I will make sure that it is yours. If it is not yours, and yours does not get turned in, you will be charged for a replacement charger.
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Grade *
Select the Grade you're currently in. ie" if your a freshman select freshman"
Serial Number *
The serial number is located on the bottom of the computer. If you are unable to read your serial number follow these instructions. Open Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard and typing cmd. Then select Command Prompt. Type the command: WMIC BIOS GET SERIALNUMBER, then press enter and your serial number will appear here on the screen.
System Name *
Click on start and type system information, select system information and the window that opens will have your System Name listed. (exampe: 20-Yoga-##, or JHFJT##)
Is the computer you were given at the beginning of the year? *
Screen Damaged *
Corners Damaged *
Missing Keys or Keyboard Damaged *
Battery Life *
Stylus Damaged *
Missing parts *
Cause of any Damage on Tablet *
Describe how any damage on tablet occurred. You must provide an actually incident that caused the damage. If one is not provided it will be assumed the damage was intentional and you will be responsible for the cost of repair. Intentional and negligent damage is not covered under insurance. You must state what you were doing and how the damage occurred. If you don't know how the damaged occurred there will be a fine assessed.
Problems with Tablet *
Descibe any performance issues with tablet.
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