Gala 2018 OLLRCS Stargazer Survey
Dear families,
We want to constantly look to the future to plan the most successful fundraising events for OLLRCS. This requires that we look at how we can improve what we've done. Please answer all of the questions in this survey to the best of your ability. Feel free to share comments, too!
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How satisfied were you with the following elements of the Gala? *
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2 Poor
3 Acceptable
4 Good
5 Excellent
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Date of Event
Check-in Process
Bar arrangements
Bar choices
Appetizers/Hor d'oeuvres
Emcees and Auctioneers
Dessert Auction
Live Auction
Live & Silent Auction Items
Basket Raffle
Silent Auction
Door Prizes
Check out Process
Timing of Events/Schedule
Please use this area to comment on or explain any of your responses in the previous section:
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Are you willing and able to be involved in next year's Gala? Tentative dates: October 19 or 26. *
In which of the following areas might you participate? *
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Auction Item (gathering, numbering, packaging)
Basket Raffle (gathering, numbering & packaging)
Ticket Sales Promotion & Tallying
Publicity (social media, photos, news, etc.)
Event Set-Up & Clean-Up (tables, chairs, decorations)
Dinner Tickets & Seating (apps & desserts)
Entertainment (photos set-up, special games, music)
Comments or ideas for Stargazer Gala:
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Ideas for future fundraising events:
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Would you be interested in a major summer fundraising event in addition to holding a Gala? *
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