2019 Tell Labyrinth Games & Puzzles What You Want Survey
Tell us what you want, what you really, really want. We'll try to incorporate your feedback if we can (except with regard to a store dog - there will be no store dog in 2019!) Thanks for helping make us better. It is our goal to be the very best game store in the universe!

PLEASE only complete this survey once! Thanks.

Overall, how satisfied with Labyrinth are you?
I hate everything about it, and I hate all games and puzzles.
I would shop and spend time there every day if I could.
How often do you shop at Labyrinth?
If you regularly shop at Labyrinth, please check all of the types of items that you regularly purchase.
Do you want us to continue carrying...
Please don't get rid of it.
I don't care.
Get rid of it. I hate it.
MTG Singles
Science Kits
Other Engineering toys, like Magna Tiles, Keva Blocks, and Tegu Blocks
If you would like us to carry some other kind of product line, what would it be?
Your answer
Do you have any general suggestions with regard to the products we currently carry?
Your answer
Do you usually...
Do you usually take advantage of our free gift wrapping service?
Would you be willing to pay a small fee for gift wrapping?
Do you regularly attend our events?
If yes, what are your favorite events?
Your answer
If no, why not?
Your answer
What, if any, events would you like us to run that we do not currently run?
Your answer
Do you have or have you ever had a child participate in one of our kid events or one of the aftercare game clubs that we run at local schools?
If yes, did they enjoy it? And, is there anything we could improve with regard to our programming for kids?
Your answer
Do you think that the price of our events is fair?
How would you feel if we had to slightly increase some of our event fees to cover costs?
Do you have any general suggestions with regard to our event program?
Your answer
How would you rate the service that you receive at Labyrinth?
Is there any way we could improve the service that you receive?
Your answer
Do you... (please check all that apply)
Are there any other ways in which you wish we would communicate our events, product news, product reviews, etc.?
Your answer
What do you like most about Labyrinth?
Your answer
What do you like least about Labyrinth?
Your answer
What could we do to get more people to shop at Labyrinth more often?
Your answer
Anything else?
Your answer
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