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I agree to retain this declaration and all tax documents for five years after this declaration is made.The ATO is authorised to request your tax file number. We will use your TFN to identify you in our records. You must quote your TFN in order to lodge your tax return. Taxation law authorises the ATO to collect information and to disclose it to other government agencies.Where you have requested an EFT direct debit some of your details will be provided to your financial institution and the tax office sponsor bank to facilitate the payment of your tax liability from your nominated account.You declare that you have disclosed all income including capital gains which you have earned. You have all the necessary receipts and other records to substantiate all of your claims for deductions and rebates in your tax return. You understand that you are required to have and keep these records available for 5 years. You are fully aware of the documents you must keep for tax purposes including the requirements for keeping log books and travel diaries as Miranda Accounting has clarified what written evidence will be required during an audit and the penalties that can be applied if incorrect claims are identified in an audit. Where items are used for both business and private purposes you have kept appropriate documents to verify the business usage claim. You declare and confirm that Miranda Accounting has explained to me the substantiation I need to keep in order to support my tax return.You authorise Miranda Accounting to transmit your tax return directly to the ATO by electronic means. In electing to use this paperless lodgement service you understand that you are required to retain a signed copy of this tax return and all supporting documentation for 5 years. You confirm that you have disclosed all income derived during the year both in and out of Australia and that you have not engaged in any transactions which require disclosure or that have resulted in a liability for capital gains tax other than those in this tax return.I confirm that all expenses claimed in this return can be fully substantiated and are work or business related. Miranda Accounting has explained the implications of self assessment and substantiation and that the necessary documents are available and maintained by you.I confirm that no audit or review of my records has been prepared or undertaken by Miranda Accounting and that they are relying on the information supplied by me. I have received and reviewed a copy of my return. I have read it completely and agree with all the information and figures reported therein and am aware of the procedures to follow if a document is lost or destroyed. I wish to make the claims in my return on the basis that I have incurred the expense in deriving my assessable income. In order to obtain the benefits of safe harbour protection I must provide Miranda Accounting with all relevant tax information to enable accurate statements to be provided to the ATO.You agree to Miranda Accounting obtaining personal information about you from other credit providers (Sec 18N (1) (b) Privacy Act 1988) whose names you may have provided or that may be named in a credit report, for the purpose of assessing your application for commercial credit with us. You agree that we may obtain a consumer credit report about you for the purpose of collecting overdue payments relating to commercial credit owed by you. We further advise that it is the policy of Miranda Accounting to list any defaulting amounts with this credit agency.You also authorise us to deduct our fees from your refund and acknowledge that the additional fee for this service will be added to your tax return preparation invoice as provided to you.Finally, you declare that the information provided to Miranda Accounting for the preparation and lodgement of this return is true and correct and that you have the documentation as required. You declare that you are authorised to make these declarations and you authorise Miranda Accounting to lodge this return electronically to the Commissioner of Taxation of your behalf. You understand that we are accepting an electronic approval/virtual signature from you to lodge and make these declarations based on your electronic lodgement of this form with Miranda Accounting.
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