UCT Formal Online Education Project - Expression of Interest 2019
To submit an expression of interest please complete the details on the form below. Background and guidelines about this project are available at http://www.cilt.uct.ac.za/cilt/ufo-ed. Submissions are due in by 26 August. If you have problems completing the form and need an offline version please contact sukaina.walji@uct.ac.za.
Note: the form has three sections. You only need to complete two sections depending on whether you are applying for support for a postgraduate programme (13 questions) or an undergraduate course (12 questions). It should not take you longer than 15-20 minutes to complete.
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3. Level at which the course or programme will be offered (This call is NOT for short courses or courses with non-formal certification) *
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6. What stage of planning has this course or programme reached? (select all relevant options) *
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8. What staff time is available to support the development and running of the course or programme?
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If you are proposing an undergraduate blended or online course, please complete section 2; if you are proposing a postgraduate programme please complete section 3
Only complete section 2 OR section 3, not both
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