Oppose Whitfield-Manchin

Dear Representative/Senator,

On behalf of the [NUMBER] undersigned organizations and our millions of members and supporters, we urge you to oppose Congressman Whitfield and Senator Manchin’s Polluter Protection Act. This bill would allow power plants to continue dumping unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the air, contributing to the climate change that puts our health and communities at risk with devastating extreme weather events. Under the Polluter Protection Act, the polluters would win and Americans would lose.

The Polluter Protection Act would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from reducing carbon pollution from power plants, which are the nation’s largest source of carbon pollution. Carbon pollution fuels climate change, which will lead to more asthma attacks and increase the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events like droughts that destroy crops, floods that wipe out communities, and massively damaging storms like Superstorm Sandy.

Power plants have limits on arsenic, lead, and mercury, but no federal limits on dangerous carbon pollution. Now EPA is finally putting in place a reasonable, cost-effective plan to reduce the pollution driving climate change. But by raising a series of impossible barriers for the EPA, Congressman Whitfield and Senator Manchin are saying that either they do not believe in climate change, or they do not care about its impacts.

We urge you to oppose this attempt to strip the EPA of its authority to protect public health, and to support the agency’s common sense plan to cut carbon pollution from the nation’s power plants.


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