Minotaur Hotel 0.2 Feedback Form
This form aims to gather feedback on Minotaur Hotel so it can be improved. It is fully anonymous and no personal data is gathered.
The ranking given to you at the end of the game relates to your choices towards Asterion. It allows us to assess which play styles are more common.
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Play Data
Is this your first time playing Minotaur Hotel? *
Which background did you pick for your player character? *
Do you prefer playing with Safe for Work Mode turned on? *
How long did it take you to go through the content for Build 0.2? *
If this was your first time playing the game, how long did it take you to go from start to finish?
Quality Assessment
How good is the game's writing? *
How expressive are the characters? *
Completely unexpressive.
Extremely expressive.
How good is the music? *
How emotionally invested are you with the story and its characters? *
Not invested.
Extremely invested.
How satisfying was your overall experience with Minotaur Hotel? *
Completely unsatisfying.
Extremely satisfying.
How excited are you for the next build? *
Not excited.
Extremely excited.
Which word best describes your experience with Minotaur Hotel?
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Have you played the game more than once to see more content? *
Which fur color did you pick for Asterion? *
What clothes did you pick first for Asterion? *
Which guest did you pick to lead the lounge? *
Did you pet Asterion? *
Did you find the VIP Room? *
Improvement and Criticism
This final batch of questions assess ways in which we can improve Minotaur Hotel.
If you wish, you can also send your criticism to our Itch.io page while rating the game. We read all reviews and take them to heart.
What did you enjoy the most about Minotaur Hotel?
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How can the game be improved? Here's where you can say your complaints, criticism and suggestions.
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In the future, what would you like to see in the guests' content?
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