Cabot Esports Interest Survey
This survey is designed to better understand the topic of Esports and its current portrayal in the community.

Please complete survey by 5/10/2020.
Which of the following best describes your age group? *
How many hour per day do you spend playing video games? *
Have your heard of Esports or Electronic Sports? *
How do you consume Esports content? *
Have you ever competed in an Esports tournament? (Either online/ in person) *
If you answered "Yes" to the above question, what platform did you use? Check all that apply.
How interested would you be in going to Esports competitions? Either as a spectator/ player. *
Not Interested
Very Interested
Which league format would you prefer to compete in? *
What games do you like to play? Check all that apply. *
Do you consider Esports to be real sports? *
Which platform do you prefer? *
Which of the following are reasons you might support Esports? *
If you would like to share your opinions/ ideas regarding Esports, please comment in the section below.
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