Essential Digital Skills for Museum Professionals
This course is especially designed for the museum community, both for professionals as well as students, volunteers or unemployed, who want to pursue their future career in the museum sector. The aim is to support these groups to improve their digital competences and apply them in their daily work at the museums.

This is a flexible, self-paced course that requires learner’s engagement for at most 10 hours per week. The course is delivered in 8 weeks and is organized in modules that will allow students to develop a complete set of digital and transferable competences required for the museum sector. Online tutors will monitor, assist and facilitate learners’ training procedure. Once enrolled, students will have guided access to all videos, quizzes, and assignments. The course is designed as to facilitate active participation, peer-learning and open discussion among the course followers.

After the completion of this course, learners will be able to develop and use digital and transferable competences necessary for professionals working in the museum sector. Beyond the ability to develop digital strategy, digital content or use digital tools and platforms, students will also advance skills like time management, communication, team-working, leadership and creative thinking.

The course is free and open for all. The main language of the training is in English, but videos are subtitled in Greek, Italian and Portuguese.

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