Montagnard (Dega) Association/Montagnard American Organization
Internship application.
JOB DESCRIPTION TITLE: Social Work Intern (s)

QUALIFICATIONS: Enrolled in a School Social Work program leading to Bachelor of Social Work/ Master of Social Work Degree from an accredited institution.

REQUIREMENTS: Responsible students, self-starter, reliable transportation, open minded to other cultures, teamwork, ask questions,

SOCIAL WORK INTERNSHIP HOURS: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday. Flexible hours prefer.
(Please speak to your supervisor(s) to choose the day and time for your internship. Some weekends hours may require depending on community events/projects).

1. Executive Director - Liana Adrong
2. Senior Employment- Stephanie Cheston
3. Ha Layla Tong- Community Liaison
4. Hthu Nie- Civic Engagement Coordinator

JOB GOALS: 1. to learn the basics of school social work while providing social work services to the community (students, parents, churches, and community members).

1. With supervision, interview parents, community members, and students for services to best fit their needs as they come in the office.
2. Coordinate with other organizations (Southeast Asian Coalition and Elon Humanitarian Law) for community citizenship workshops.
3. Events planned such as citizenship workshops, assisting with fundraising events, and community churches visit to announce upcoming services that would benefit the community.
4. Case work, provide crisis intervention as needed, family support
5. Provide individual and/or group social work services with assisting in Medicaid application, Food Stamp application, SSI, Medicare, Schedule Doctor Appointments, Read client’s letters.
6. Assist Montagnard Hypertension Research Project, Montagnard Population Count Project, and the Women’s Learning Group as needed.
7. Provide support to teachers and administrators in Guilford County School in regarding Montagnard students/parents. Please contact Myra Hayes for Montagnard interpretation for Guilford County School because Guilford County has its own interpreter for parents.
8. Attend partnerships meeting, board meeting, training, and State meeting with MDA staffs as needed
9. Develop future appropriate projects for community and apply for grant for those projects
10. Assign tasks for volunteers/interns at the MDA as needed
11. Attend clinics (flu shots or other community clinics)

Interns Virtual tasks plans 2021-2022
Virtual tasks

1. Covid-19
Community meetings coordinate (work with staff to set up meetings, send invites to community members, find guest speakers, coordinate interpreters, gather resources, and partner with other agencies).
Videos update on covid-19 (record videos reporting the updates and coordinate with Covid Update Team and Video Editor).
Weekly update scripts writing (Gather up-to-date information on Covid19; Samples can be found on our Facebook page

2. Census Outreach/voting registration
Call community members (check if they have completed the census).
Assist with census virtually (If community members have not completed their census, our agency can assist with completing the census per our state grant).
Schedule a time for a virtual census completion
Voting registration Outreach
Call community members (check if they have registered to vote, check if they have moved).
Assist community members with vote registration ( we can help community members with voting registration).
In office tasks
Food shopping
Shop for food (require in person)
Pick-up fresh produce from IRC (require in person)

3. Coordinate Food distribution
Call the clients to schedule a pick up time and instruct clients with pickup process
Clients will wait in the car after calling the office number and interns will bring the food items outside. Clients will get the food once interns are inside.
Manage food sign-up link and spreadsheet

4. Case management
Social Services application- Medicaid and food stamp
Read letters
Follow up with clients if needed to
Be sure to communicate and notify team members and employees if needed to

5. Employment
Call clients for intake (use google doc)
Coordinate interview with employers and the applicants

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