Cedar Park Cell Phone Parent Survey
Our current cell phone policy is: "Off and away, unless I say," which allows students to have phones in the hallway and at lunch. If a specific teachers gives permission in class, students can use their cell phones.

We are seeing a significant increase in cell phone misuse, especially with social media during school hours. We are also seeing more and more students struggle to learn how to have direct human interactions, which is a real problem given that the middle school years are critical to teaching social emotional interaction.

We are talking about changing our cell phone policy, and we'd like to hear from you. This survey will be open until December 14, 2018.

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What grade is your student?
Does your student have a cell phone that she/he brings to school?
How do you feel about the current cell phone policy?
If you don't agree with the current policy, please tell us why.
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Has your student experienced anything negative via social media or texting that happened during school hours?
Would you support a stricter cell phone policy?
Would you support a ban on cell phones that allows students to bring them to school but they must stay in their locker throughout the day?
Do you have other feedback you would like to give on this subject?
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