Bridging the Gap Job Coaching and Placement Enrollment Application
EADC’s Bridging the Gap program promotes the upward economic mobility of East Athens residents through activities that promote employment attainment and sustainability.

Through individual and group sessions, enrollees complete at least 14 hours of instruction that focuses on soft-skills development, employment readiness and search, job placement, and job sustainability.
The soft skills sessions explore the people skills, work ethics, personality traits, attire, and attitudes that enable a person to perform well in the work environment. Such attributes include dealing effectively with authority, time management, teamwork, professional communication, conflict resolution, and financial literacy. Participants engage in skill-building exercises designed to help them make good decisions, both on a job and in their personal lives.

The job readiness and search component focuses on preparing and looking for work. Topics include job search strategies, computer basics, networking effective resumes, online applications, and interviewing techniques.  A computer lab is available for writing resumes and cover letters, applying for jobs online, and participating in virtual interviews.  Important community parters in job readiness and search include the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce and the Northeast Georgia Business Alliance.

Post employment follow up helps successful job seekers keep their jobs.
For additional education, hard skills training, and certifications, interested individuals are referred to Innovative Health Care Institute, Bread for Life, Athens Technical College, WorkSource Northeast Georgia, the College Factory, and others.  

Please complete our intake form in its entirety. This will help EADC connect you with job placement opportunities.
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I certify that the information in this application is true and correct. I understand that falsification of any information in this application can lead to my disqualification or termination from EADC Bridging the Gap program. Further, I understand that any such misrepresentations by me are grounds to reject my application. I hereby authorize EADC Bridging the Gap program to thoroughly investigate my references, work history, experience, education or other matters related to my application, and further authorize my current or former employers to disclose, without recourse or limitation, all of my employment records without notifying me of such disclosure. I hereby fully and completely release EADC Bridging the Gap my current or former employers, their respective directors, officers, employees and agents, and all other persons from all claims or liabilities arising out of, or in any way related to, such an investigation or disclosure. I understand that this is a job coaching and placement program, and that I will not be paid for participating in Bridging the Gap, nor is my enrollment in the program a promise of future employment at Bridging the Gap. This application is not intended to create a contract, and the trainee relationship, should one follow this application, will be at-will and may be terminated at any time, with or without cause or notice, by either party. In consideration, and as a condition, of my acceptance by EADC Bridging the Gap as a trainee, I hereby waive, release, and hold harmless EADC Bridging the Gap, its officers, directors, employees, representatives, and volunteers from any and all claims and actions related to or arising out of my participation EADC’s Bridging the Gap. I hereby grant EADC Bridging the Gap Program permission to use my likeness or the likeness of my children who are under 18 years in age in a photograph, video, or other digital reproduction in any and all of its publications and presentations, including website entries, without payment or any other consideration. I understand and agree that these materials will be the property of the above organizations. I hereby irrevocably authorize the EADC Bridging the Gap Program to edit, alter copy, exhibit, or distribute this photograph, video, or other digital reproduction for the purposes of publicizing the above organizations’ programs or for any other lawful purpose. In addition, I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written or electronic copy, wherein my likeness appears. Additionally, I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the photograph.
I have read this agreement before signing below and I fully understand the contents, meaning, and impact of this agreement. *
Applicant expressly agrees to waive any privileges of confidentiality to permit any and all information to be released to EADC Bridging the Gap. Applicant expressly agrees and understands that any or all information obtained through this signed consent form may be used at the discretion of EADC Bridging the Gap in determining the applicant’s suitability for employment... *
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