March New Release Promotion
Goals: Get Sales

This is FREE to participate (and I will do these monthly), but you do need to share. Fill out this form with all your book information so I can accurately describe it for readers (subgenre of romance and detailed price breakdown - it's okay if you aren't 100% on what you're going to do price wise - but please tell me that so we can avoid angry readers). I will design a landing page with everyone's books, as well as share graphics. All authors participating will share (newsletters, facebook, twitter). Pre-orders welcome.

You can sign up with books that were released in March, February or January.


~Your book needs to be on amazon to participate AND it must be a new release (either pre-order or live).

~Release date in March, February, or January

~Professional cover

~Must have books published on Amazon with reviews of 4.0+

~I can update this weekly as the month continues, and possibly more timely if given some lead time, so please fill out this form with all the details you know so far.

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