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Thank you for your interest in writing for the Western Theater in the Civil War! Please carefully read the information provided below, and complete all questions.
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Guidelines for submissions:
1. All submissions must contain a bibliography.
2. Correct grammar is essential. Make sure the submission has been read thoroughly to prevent mistakes.
3. Avoid topics that have been debunked by recent history. If you are unsure, ask!
4. Keep your first submission rather short, less than 1,200 words unless it is a primary source.
5. For regimental histories, refrain from giving just the basic information. Add in primary sources when appropriate and explain what sets these men apart from other units.
6. Book reviews should focus on the pros and cons of a particular work. If it is a book no one has heard of and is garbage, then it does not need to be reviewed. Choose books that are recently published, or dig up some of the classics to see if they still hold true today with more recent scholarship.
7. Each image must have a caption, and if it is from another site, link the image to that particular site.
8. When writing on the actions of a particular unit in a certain battle, be sure to include approximate locations to fighting positions, and if applicable, images of that part of the battlefield.
9. Since these are short blog posts, refrain from tackling overviews of large battles and campaigns. Focus on a detail or otherwise lesser known aspect.
Guidelines for submissions:
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Here at the Western Theater in the Civil War, we are looking for authors that have a specialty in different aspects of the Western Theater. Specialists in regiments, battles, campaigns, political and military figures, newspapers, strategy, and any other aspect that is relevant to the site and blog are welcome. We also welcome book reviews, photo essays, and ideas for visiting Western Theater sites. Below, please describe the topic of your article. *
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I understand that in writing for the Western Theater in the Civil War, that it is an unpaid article submission. *
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