Software Requests
We welcome your thoughts and requests for developing more features and improvements to LetMC.

In our experience a key question that needs to be answered with every request is
'what problem are you trying to solve'?

This helps us identify what you need as sometimes your request relates to training, settings, your processes and sometimes it is already in the software.

Please be aware we do get a lot of requests and we focus on the top 3 most requested features from our 'Software Request League Table'. There are circumstance that we can not develop a feature because it is too complicated, not possible, too expensive or long way down the league table.

Thank you
Glyn Trott
Managing Director

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Bespoke Development
From time to time some software developments request are very specific to an agents needs.

The client then requests a quote for us to bring in a software developer contractor to build that feature or functionality.

If you would like a quote for bespoke software development please click yes below.

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