We can't WAIT to hear about your fundraising idea!  Don't be shy to ask for help if you need ~ we're here for you! ~ A goal with no plan is a wish! :)
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ACTIVITY/ACTION - WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO RAISE FUNDS (the website has a bunch of ideas to help you get started.  Please feel free to get creative and think up something else!  YOU GOT THIS!!) *
HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU WANT TO RAISE? (If you aim for the moon, you'll hit the stars) *
WHO WILL YOU ASK TO DONATE? (list family, friends, people you know who you think will be able to donate to your cause. It helps if you have a specific list of people you plan on communicating with) *
HOW WILL I REACH THESE DONORS TO TELL THEM ABOUT MY CARING MISSION? (hint:  you can call them - it’s an opportunity to brush up on those phone skills :), you can use email, whatsapp, text, any form of social media)
EQUIPMENT/ITEMS REQUIRED: (list all the equipment you will need to complete the task you have picked - i.e. do you need art supplies? Do you need the use of a computer or a phone? Do you need any sports equipment - the more detailed you are here, the more prepared you will be to complete your activity.  Try to keep it at items you already have around your house)
WHOSE HELP DO YOU NEED WITH YOUR ACTIVITY AND WHAT DO YOU NEED THEM TO HELP YOU WITH SPECIFICALLY (don't forget to ask the people who you will need help from if they are free to help  you)
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