Cancellation of Membership & 30-Day Notice
By filling out this form you are hereby submitting your 30-day notice of intent to cancel. It is required to 100% complete and submit this form in order submit your 30-day notice of intent to cancel. Please, answer each of the following questions with as much detail as possible in order for us to best accommodate your request. Please note, final bills will be ran on the day we receive your cancelation.


1.) Holds: Need a break from your monthly plan for a while? Members may place their monthly memberships on hold for up to 3 months for just $12. This way, you won’t need to pay for a final month at this time.

2.) 6-Packs: FiM offers punch-card style class passes. If a monthly plan is no longer best for your family, consider switching to a 6-pack. Switching to a 6-pack will waive the need for the 30-day notice of cancelation form. The classes never expire. Use them as you go!

Email us at to take advantage of any of these options.

We love our members!

- The Freedom in Motion Team

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If you are filling this form out for a minor dependent, then please list your full name. If you are canceling your own membership, and you are 18 years old or older please type "N/A " meaning not applicable, in this question's answer box.
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The name of the student who is benefiting from the membership of which you wish to cancel.
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What email is connected to the Freedom in Motion account that owns this membership?
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When you first came into Freedom in Motion, what were your goals? *
What brought you into Freedom in Motion? Were you trying to build strength, learn ninja skills, or just hoping to try something new? Please, tell us a little about why you first came into our gym.
What is your reason for wanting to cancel your membership with Freedom in Motion Gym? *
(Please be as descriptive as possible, this section helps us improve our gym's services and culture. Your response is carefully considered.)
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How could we have been better suited to serve you? *
Did something go wrong in the gym that you believe should be fixed? Please take this as an opportunity to lend us your feed back and advice so that we may improve our services and facility for the next generation of athletes.
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Is there anything we could do to change your mind? *
What could we do to win you back? Feel free to take this as an opportunity to fully express yourself. What financial, scheduling, cultural, or other ways could we improve upon to better accommodate you?
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Will you be back? *
Would you also like to cancel your annual registration? *
The Annual Registration Fee is a small once a year fee which allows students to participate in open gym and classes. Leaving this active on your account will allow you to drop into open gym or classes as frequently as you like.
Is there anything else you would like to let us know?
Do you have any special requests? Things may include questions about previous bills, questions about other memberships or family members accounts, or anything else you want to chat about in regards to this cancellation notice. Please note: unrelated questions should be emailed to
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Would you like for us to send you a big final discount offer? *
We want to win you back! We believe Freedom in Motion can help unlock some serious strength and skill within your body and mind. Please allow us to send you a final deal on a membership or pack of classes in hope of winning your heart back. We will send it to your email address associated to your account.
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