1. This is NOT a mandatory process for admission. However we recommend you do this survey if you intend to pay your tuition with foreign exchange.

2. When it comes to paying tution for HUFS, it is strongly recommended to transfer the money from a Korean bank account. Account holder can be anyone. It is the account number you are sending the money for that matters.

3. If you are already in Korea, you can pay the tuition at any Wooribank branch. Just bring the tuition bill and cash.

4. If foreign exchange is your only option for paying the tution, please beware that your money might not be the same value when it arrives in Korea. It could be more or less than the value when you sent the money because there will be FOREIGN EXCHANGE FEES and fluctuation of foreign exchange.

5. If the money recevied is more than the tuition, we would reimburse the money to you usually around 2 months after.

6. If the money received is less than the tuition, you either have to send the deficit again or come to Wooribank HUFS branch with cash to fulfill the payment.

7. Therfore, for those of you who wish to pay with foreign exchange, we strongly advise you to fill out this form to fasten the register process.

8. NOTICE: If you are not a freshman(1st grader), please check out your account number again. The account number for admission is NOT used anymore.

9. Contact Information
 a. Accounting team:
 b. For freshmen(1st graders):
 c. For recurring studnets:


1. 这不是一个强制性的制度。但是,如果同学打算用外汇支付学费,建议同学完成此调查。

2. 对于支付HUFS的学费,我们强烈建议同学从韩国银行账户进行转账。当然账户的持有人可以是任何人。重要的是,要转到学校发给同学的汇款的账户号码中。
3. 如果同学已经在韩国,则可以在任何一家友利银行支付HUFS学费。只需携带学费账单和现金。
4.如果海外汇款是同学支付学费的唯一方法 ,请注意,由于汇率问题同学的钱到达韩国账户时可能会产生差额,它可能比同学寄钱时的价值要高或低一些。因为会产生手续费和外汇波动,它可能会高于或低于同学汇款时的价值。
5. 如果收到的钱多于学费,我们通常会在2个月后将钱退还给同学。
6. 如果收到的钱少于学费,则需要同学再一次进行转账或带着现金到友利银行HUFS分行进行付款。
7. 因此,对于那些希望用外汇支付学费的同学,我们强烈建议填写这份表格,以加快登记程序。

8.注意 :如果您不是新生(一年级学生),请再次核对同学的账号,入学时使用的汇款账号已经不能使用。
9. 联系方式
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Agreement for providing personal information/提供个人信息的协议 *
1. Purpose: Sedner recognition for tuition payment. Communication for register process 2. Collected information : Name, Studnet number(applicant number), phone number, email address, Major, type of currency, country of origin of transfer 3. Retention period for information: Until when register is finished./1. 目的:对学费支付结果的认证。为注册程序进行沟通。2. 收集的信息:姓名,学号(准考证号/学校给予的初始号码),电话号码,电子邮件地址,专业,货币类型,转账国家3.信息保留期:直到注册完成结束。
Did you transfer the tuition for this semester via foreign exchange?/本学期的学费是通过国际汇款汇出的吗?
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Name(이름)/姓名 *
Type in English only/请输入英文字母
Account Number(입금계좌)/汇款账户号码(汇入账户) *
The account number you transferred the money to.  It starts with "260-"/将学费转入的帐号。 以“260-”开头
Are you new applicant?/是否是新生
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Studnet Number(학번) or Applicant Number(For Freshmen only)/学号 或者 准考证号/学校给予的初始账号(仅适用于新生) *
Email adress/电子邮件地址 *
Mobile phone number(휴대전화)/手机号码
example) 010-1234-5678
Country of Origin/转账国家 *
Amount of money transferred/转账金额 *
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