Become a Mentor in the “Friday* Afternoon \Data \Science Mentorship” (FAM) Program!
Skills in the area broadly defined as Data Science are intrinsically necessary in many areas of biomedical research. While didactic training opportunities exist, we have seen a growing interest in direct, one-on-one mentorship and training and are, therefore, establishing the NIH-wide Data Science mentorship program. We expect the program to create a community of mentors and trainees who can network and help each other with their projects. Mentors and mentees can establish a mutually-agreed-upon approach to the mentoring, but we are suggesting that meeting for one hour every other week at a place and time convenient to both parties is a reasonable baseline expectation. Mentors will be asked to help trainees learn the skills they need to complete their projects, but can opt-out at any time. The organizers will distribute materials encouraging healthy mentor-trainee relationships as a model for data scientist - domain expert relationships and field questions as needed.

What’s in it for mentors?

+ Join a robust community of knowledgeable NIH data scientists
++ A slack channel for direct communication with other mentors
+ Training experience that they can leverage in their own groups/labs
+ Potential for collaborations and deeper involvement in diverse scientific areas

Approximate timeline for starting the program:
+ Mentor solicitation -- January 2017
+ Trainee soliciation -- February 2017
+ Mentorship Program Starts -- March 2017

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