Technology Committee
The VYC Technology Committee is the newest committee looking for its first founding members. As a member of the technology committee you will be responsible for:

-Managing the Vraj Youth website year round (This includes maintenance, updates, upgrades, registration testing).
-Managing Vraj Youth Flickr (Posting photos from year round youth events).
-Committing to camp registration "busy season" (This timeframe generally takes place from the beginning of February through the end of April and includes posting new information, keeping information up to date, posting supplemental counselors forms, working with counselor database, PayPal, and working closely with counselor committee).
-Working with technology and registration adult volunteers to ensure camp registration season is smooth and successful as well as constantly keeping the site fresh and up to date.
-Managing all Vraj Youth A/V equipment and taking inventory (This includes microphones, projectors, computers, speakers, cables, etc).
-Implementing and enforcing camp A/V and technology policies and guidelines.
-Appointing and educating tech leads to each week of camp to ensure proper maintenance, support, and keeping of all A/V and technological equipment throughout the camp season (It would be a bonus if you could attend camp and take on the responsibility of tech lead).
-Procuring new A/V and technological equipment when needed.
-Setting up and fixing A/V and technological equipment or sending it back to the vendor to get it fixed.
-Checking Vraj youth mailboxes and responding accordingly.
-Working and supporting with other members of the Vraj youth committee and responding to ad-hoc requests from them.
-Educating others when required.


-Must be a college student (Majoring in some sort of technology degree is a bonus, but not required!).
-Willing to commit to a minimum term of one year (Term will begin January 1st of each year and end the final day of the year, you must reapply each year if you would like to serve for the upcoming new term).
-Willingness to learn new technologies such as FTP, WordPress, DB, HTML, SMTP, PHP, CSS, Content Migration, A/V (Already having knowledge in these subjects is a bonus, but not required!).
-Willing to rotate between multiple technology committee members to attend Vraj Youth Events year round to provide A/V and other miscellaneous technology support (Camp, Walkathon, Easter, Retreat, etc.).
-Good communicator and responsive to email and messages.
-Good problem solving and troubleshooting skills on the spot.
-Being able to work on a team as one cohesive unit.

If you have any questions regarding the above role description and/or criteria, please contact Raj Shah at

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