Be a Giver
Adulting (v): the practice of behaving with independence and developing personal clarity, courage and humility.

As we’ve articulated in some of our recent podcasts, our goal at Chabad at Brandeis is to nurture people in their transition into adulthood. This transition is not inevitable with age, and without taking an active role in adulting one can remain a child even in their adult years.

It's important to note that being engaged in Judaism requires adulting. In fact, Judaism is focused on making one into a spectacular adult.

Being a giver is one of the key elements of adulting. Instead of being dependent and a taker, the characteristics of a child, a giver-adult is independent and a provider. Giving also requires clarity of purpose, character of courage, and humility towards others.

Giving often contains sacrifice. Strikingly, the growth and maturation occurs within the sacrifice.

While giving occurs in a variety of ways, we'd like to begin with financial giving.

Money is peculiar. We want it but are uncomfortable talking about it, whether in conversation or in disclosure, and giving it away is hard - making it an accelerating point for adulting.

This semester we are inviting students to become Givers by making a $10 monthly donation, either as a Chabad Brandeis Shareholder OR to any cause of their choice.

*For those who currently have, or recently had, an income, it may be easier to become a Giver.

*For those who do not have an income but have disposable resources for leisure, like movies, dinner etc. it may be a harder choice, but nonetheless still doable.

*For those who have neither, we are delighted to offer a job opportunity that pays $10 a month so that they can also become Givers, because our goal isn't to fundraise; it's to nurture adulting.

Givers are also invited to join the Giver Growth Community to nurture other areas of growth, under the care of Chanie or Peretz (link below).

There will be special events bringing Givers together to celebrate the thrill of adulting.

Much love,
Chanie and Peretz

PS. First semester First Years need to wait until their second semester to become a Giver.

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Become a Chabad Brandeis Shareholder here,

Give to another organization here,

I would like Chabad to provide a job that pays $10 a month (about 45 min) so that I can become a Giver. Please note area of preference.
The Giver Growth Community
You also have the opportunity to join the Giver Growth Community where you can nurture other areas of your growth, in a community of peers and the guidance of Chanie and Peretz. To learn more and join visit here,
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