Time Traveler's Bal: All Aboard!
Welcome to the Time Traveler's Bal - A not-so-fancy and slightly off-kilter celebration in support of IngenuityFest 2018: FuturePast, and our year-round programming at IngenuityLabs, the Sixth City’s foremost space for inventors, Ingeneers, and intrepid itinerants.

We're calling ALL ABOARD to all who are brave enough to venture beyond time and through space . . . peddle your wares, promote your fine establishment, or simply help us out with this Epoch event!

Held June 16th, 2018, in IngenuityLabs @ the Hamilton Collaborative (5401 Hamilton Avenue, Cleveland) we'll invite guests to pick their way through the frozen remnants of the last ice age, duck around mega flora and fauna of the late Carboniferous, and slip the steaming remnants of Earth’s volcanic beginning. Guests will wear goggles and boots, corset and gloves, or whatever finery and accouterment to best prepare for a journey through the ages.

We need rations and vittles, trappings and appurtenances, entertainment to keep our spirits up, and a whole kit n' caboodle of other things. Whether you're a weary traveler, wealthy explorer, or purveyor of the finest paraphernalia, there's a way for you to get involved.

We are trying to ensure provisions for the long journey ahead (shore up the accounts? fill the coffers? ahem . . . it's a fundraiser) but we DO have opportunities for various types of involvement, both paid, unpaid, and fully tax-deductible!

(Cover art created by Derek Prospero - "Steampunk Motherboard" http://derekprospero.com/)

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Unless otherwise requested, all spaces are indoors in the main IngenuityLabs space. It's always helpful if you can provide your own clip lights, extension cords, display racks, properly weighted and secured tents, signage, tables and chairs. But since you're helping us out (ya know) we'll try to round up anything you don't have . . .
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