Winter Retreat Registration Form
Registration is currently full! All those who register now will be placed on a waiting list and contacted if someone else is unable to attend.

Filling this out begins the process of registration for the retreat. Completing your payment via Venmo or mailing a check (details in the final block), finalizes your registration. This will help us coordinate rooms, travel, food, and measure our goals for the retreat.

Indicate in the comments section at the end if you intend on only being there for Saturday and will not be staying overnight ($35 adult/$25 child)

Later on, there will be additional action required to finalize transportation to and from Toah Nipi.

Members of the Longwood Christian Community have already paid for this retreat as part of the Membership Fees collected in the fall. No additional payment is necessary.

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How many Full Weekend Children? (ages 3-12, $62 each, two nights, five meals) Children under 3 are free and should NOT be included in this count
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If single, please indicate gender for room assignment purposes
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Dietary Restrictions
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How equipped are you to lead a bible study (discovery or otherwise) with seekers/non-believers? 1-not equipped, 5-fully equipped *
How willing are you to lead a bible study with seekers/non-believers? 1-not willing, 5-very willing *
Do you intend on starting a bible study with seekers/non-believers in the next year? *
Do you regularly pray for people you personally know who are not Christians? *
How connected are you with Christians who work in healthcare? 1-not connected, 5-very connected *
Additional comments or requests including; any requests for scholarships and the reason for your request, interest in volunteering for childcare or worship team
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Payments should be made through Venmo to LCC Longwood Christian Community (@lccboston) or by writing a check to the Longwood Christian Community and mailing it to 21 Wigglesworth St, Roxbury, MA 02120. Registration is full so do not submit payment until you are notified a slot is available.
Those who request scholarships will be contacted to have a discussion about their situation and come to an agreement on a scholarship amount. We will ask those who receive a scholarship and can contribute to help out with certain chores and activities at the camp.
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