Chico State Nursing Club Election 2018-2019
- Provides leadership and direction to the club.
- Foster and maintain relationships with the School of Nursing, Nursing Staff/Faculty, Adviser, and other valuable community members.
- Presides at officer meetings.
- Establishes short- and long-range objectives and goals in conjunction with other officers.
- Structures the organization to ensure continuity of leadership by providing opportunities for new leaders to develop and to be mentored.
Vice President
- Presides over Presidential duties in the absence of the president.
- Brainstorm short- and long-range objectives and goals in conjunction with other officers.
- Provides timely and interesting advance information for news letters, social media, and mailings.
- Provides or coordinates information on forth coming events to the secretary for inclusion in meeting notices or newsletters.
- Ensures strong leadership succession by identifying and recruiting new club members.
- Handles the correspondence of the club and keeps records of it.
- Maintains official records of meetings.
- Informs officers of deadlines for reports, mailings, future commitments.
- Maintains a roster of officers and other members with current contact information.
- Reserves club meeting spaces or event spaces.
- Send out promotions, flyers, invitations through social media or other platforms.
- Finds ways to use technology to improve organization's operations (e.g., communications and outreach).
- Develops and maintains club website and social media sites.
- Oversees club finances, collects dues, and receives other monies, e.g. proceeds from sales.
- Completes and submits the bi-annual financial report to the team each semester by the stated deadline.
- Assists the president and other officers in preparing program budgets and financial controls.
- Maintains and supervises club bank accounts.
- Ensures that adequate budget and financial controls are maintained.
Lead Mentor
- Plans Mentor/Peer Navigator Training
- Brainstorm short- and long-range objectives and goals for MAPS in conjunction with other officers.
- Collaborating with other officers to establish and execute MAPS Mentor training
- Managing mentors and ensuring goals are being met
- Developing specific mentor plans to ensure growth both long and short-term
Pre-Nursing Ambassador
- Concerned primarily with Pre-Nursing students, long-range planning, and coordination with other club officers.
- Plans/builds programs to pitch for events and activities throughout the year to involve Pre-Nursing students.
- The pre-nursing ambassador shall be the liaison from the executive committee to pre-nursing, and vice versa. Will address pre-nursing concerns during the executive committee meeting.
- Will outreach to pre-nursing students to become members.
Balance of Power: 6 Officers, Separate but equal.
All though some officers hold higher titles and positions than others, all officers have equal say and voting power. We all have special responsibilities and goals. But, we all have the power to innovate, initiate, or change the club direction.
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