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As a marketer with 15 years of experience (the bulk of it on the agency side) and a podcaster that has spoken to marketers and agency folks, I realized that a lot of us marketers are still limited to networks that we have created at our workplaces and we seldom go beyond those.

To solve this, I have created this meetup forum where we can potentially e-meet other marketers and get to expand our networks.

Read more about it at this link - https://www.saurabhgarg.com/projects/marketing-connect/networking-opportunity-for-marketers-in-india/

0. These would be 1v1, video meetings where I will manually curate the matches.
1. Please be respectful towards each other.
2. Your email address WILL be revealed to the person I match you with.
3. No, there is no fee. This is for free! If you find this working for you, please pay it forward :)

Saurabh Garg
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When I do match you with others, maybe you use these to kickstart the conversation :)
Conversation Starter 2 - Which is that one Indian brand that you wish you had worked on? Why? *
When I do match you with others, maybe you use these to kickstart the conversation :)
Conversation Starter 3 - What is your marketing superpower? What can you contribute to the community? *
This could be deep understanding of consumer behaviour, a keen eye for spotting trends before they become big, connections that can put Rockefeller to shame. Or anything else under the sun!
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