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Are you willing to undergo a background check, in accordance with local law/regulations? *
Are you able to work consistently during the summer and the 19-20 school year? (We are a year-round teaching facility and give preference to instructors who can work long-term.) *
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You can select more than one location. Please note that this application is only for the centers listed below. If you are applying to any other Mathnasium location, contact those centers directly as they are each under separate ownership and may have different procedures and policies. This application WILL NOT be shared with those locations.
Are you available at least 4 days during the week during our open hours? See below for our operating hours. *
Please note that for training purposes we may ask you to come earlier or stay later. This is also not an advance guarantee of any minimum number of hours.
Our base pay starts at $12.50/hour and increases depending on relevant experience. Is this acceptable? *
All prospective instructors will take a math assessment after qualifications are reviewed and deemed sufficient. Is this acceptable? *
1) Please provide detail on the highest level math classes you have taken in high school and college AND the respective grade you received in each class. 2) Please state the school/college/university where you received these grades. *
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What experience do you have that would lend itself well to teaching kids math? (Tutoring/teaching experience preferred but not required.) *
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You're working with a young student and they are struggling with how to find 7% of 50. How would you teach them in a way that might make sense to them? *
Please be as specific and descriptive as possible!
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Anything you would like to tell us about yourself?
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