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Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete our questionnaire, and for being interested in adopting a rescue dog. When taking on any new pet, it is important to consider fully that this is a life-long commitment, that may be for 15 years or longer.

Also, to appreciate that dogs of all ages (and backgrounds) will take time to settle into their new homes, and some will adapt more quickly than others. In the time leading up to adoption, rescue dogs may have had to cope with a number of changes including losing their previous homes & families, kennels, foster homes, potentially living on the streets and having to undergo vet visits. Some of our rescues may have a little or no background and may have to have survived alone on the streets and/ore experienced abuse before arriving at their new home.

A rescue dog can take months to truly settle in and may display undesirable behaviours such as chewing, barking and have toilet training issues, especially during the first few weeks when having been kept in kennels, or foster homes with permanent access to the outside. They require a great deal of patience, and are likely to need training and socialisation - but we believe a rescue dog is worth it. This may sound negative, but successful adoptions are based on honesty, understanding and realistic expectations. We want to find the right home for the dog and the right dog for your home.

Please answer all questions fully, as this information helps us to ascertain if the dog you are interested in will be a good match for your family. If not, we may suggest another dog which is more suited to your lifestyle, needs and requirements.

We will endeavour to respond to your application as soon as possible. However, we are all volunteers (with jobs & other commitments) , so on occasion this may take a couple of days.

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