Making VanTechy Even Better - Short Survey
Thank you for participating in this survey about VanTechy. We want to know more about what you find valuable with our group and our meetups so that we can make them even more valuable to you in the future.
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Demographics questions
We are asking the following two questions to establish the group's current makeup, be able to track trends over time, and enable us to focus our outreach efforts with specific groups of people. If you would like to assist with this, please answer these questions and, if you're interested in helping us with outreach, please provide your contact information as well.
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By providing any information above, you are agreeing to allow members of the VanTechy Board to see your answers, use them to conduct analysis to understand the results of the survey, and discuss them in person and via electronic communication media. These activities may also include sharing the information with limited people outside of the Board in an effort to gain more value from the answers for improving the VanTechy group at large. We will use reasonable efforts to prevent public disclosure of any personally identifying information or the association of any answers to a specific human, even if you provide your name above. If you have any concerns about the information being requested or possible uses and/or disclosures of it, please do not participate in this survey.
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