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Registration opens April 22 - September 22, 2020

The Scholar Reef Community is for young people who have not been able to join the Local Scholar Reef program.

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Scholar Reef Community
Program Description
Biorock Indonesia Scholar Reef Community is a 5-month program for the community, especially design for youths to increase insight and awareness in the field of marine conservation as a Citizen Scientist to get opportunities to work in the field of marine conservation to create sustainable coral reefs conservation for generation to come.
Why Youth?
The Youth Movement on environmental issues has repeatedly proven to be influential in the formulation of policies and environmental decisions. However, the younger generation, especially women, often lack the opportunity to enter the field in the realm of the environment, especially voicing their opinions in the community.
Most vacancies in the field of marine conservation, especially coral reefs, require work experience; on the other hand, the younger generation is hampered by costs for internships as well as the provisions of the campus or school to accelerate the period of study. Besides, they are often overlooked in planning or activities, including in coral reef rehabilitation activities, which causes coral rehabilitation to become unsustainable.

Biorock Indonesia was started 16 years ago by young people who had the opportunity to attend a Coral Reef Rehabilitation training using the Biorock Method in Bali. Currently, Biorock coral reef rehabilitation has been implemented in more than 10 locations in Indonesia. We are confident that by inviting young people to get involved, a new spirit will emerge to continue the preservation of coral reefs in Indonesia for now and in the future.
Why Indonesia?
Indonesia's coral reefs cover 17.95% of the world's coral reefs with the highest species diversity in the world, but more than 36% have been damaged. Various coral reef rehabilitation efforts have been carried out, but many have no known impact, even the growth of coral has not been significant in the last 10 years.

This program will bring together young people who want to make a difference
Why I Need To Donate To Access Scholar Reef Community?
As a Non-Profit Institution, we rely on donations/donations from various parties, including the general public, to finance multiple programs, including the SCHOLAR REEF program. Especially in the COVID 19 pandemic, due to the policy for #stayathome, we face the challenge of continuing to care for corals in the sea while ensuring the team remains safe.

COVID 19 also brought down the tourism industry, which has been the spearhead of coastal communities to stay strong and support sustainable conservation.

Your contribution is a form of appreciation for the team and presenters who worked hard to make this program a reality and to ensure that the reefs remain healthy. Besides, donations are also a form of your commitment to join this program.

There is no limit to the size of the donation, so this can allow all people to be able to access this program. Let's unite, from #kitauntukarang #usforthereefs.
Through the Scholar Reef Community program, you can learn about:
• An understanding of sustainable Coral Reef Rehabilitation

• Training on Coral Reef and Coastal Monitoring

• Training on Community Observation and Coral Reef Stakeholders

• Communication training to convey ideas to the wider community

The materials will be offered in stages throughout the Scholar Reef program period. Be sure to get notifications via e-mail or Whatsapp!
Scholar Reef Community Program Offers:
• 5 months of online learning for the development of awareness, knowledge and training that focuses on expertise and commitment.

• Program material presented by various experts on topics such as measuring the number and health of coral reefs, measuring the strength of the coast, community linkages with coral reefs, voiced out young people and women representation in coastal communities, as well as creating Blogs and Vlogs and share it to media social.

• Regular online discussions with members of the Scholar Reef Community

• Regular online seminar sessions from the speakers.
The Scholar Reef Community Program is right for you, if you:
• Young people who have a great interest in marine conservation, especially coral reefs

• Have a goal to make a project, work or work in a field related to coral reefs
What happens after you register?
The Biorock Indonesia team will check the registration file and proof of your contribution.

You will receive an email notification confirming that you are a member of the Scholar Reef Community and an invitation to start the learning program starting on May 4, 2020.

You will receive further emails such as the launch of a new module, seminar schedule, discussion schedule, and so on.

You can join this program according to your free time.

Don't forget to share your journey and experiences in joining this Scholar Reef Community on your social media with the hashtag #futurecoralprotector because you are the protector of the reef in the future!

If you have questions, please contact us via email to with the subject: Scholar Reef Community, or send DM to our Instagram @biorockindonesia
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