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I. Course Rationale
22 credits are required by the state of Tennessee for high school graduation, of which 2 credits must be in a foreign language. This course is designed to meet one of these credits.

In this course, students will be required to master the Modern World Language Tennessee Academic Standards at a Novice High level of proficiency (according to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages: ACTFL). The following five areas are the cornerstones:

A. Interpersonal: spoken & written conversing
B. Interpretive: reading & listening with comprehension
C. Presentational: speaking & writing
II. CULTURE (Hispanic cultures)
A. Perspectives
B. Practices
C. Products
A. Language
B. Cultural

The description of the levels for each of the above cornerstones can be found on the classroom website:
or in the state standards at:

II. Course Supplies
Students will be expected to bring these supplies to class with them DAILY in order to be considered prepared for class in the class participation grading rubric:

-1” or 1 ½” 3 ring binder
-Filler binder paper (college ruled is preferred)
-a pack of at least 8 binder section dividers
-Pencils—at least 2 with lead (NO pens due to their permanent nature)
-Handouts from all previous lessons
-Notes given/taken in class from ALL previous lessons
-3” x 5” Notecards
-Device with internet access at home**

**I will be utilizing technological devices periodically in class. I send out reminders, notifications, & assignments through the Remind app & post them on the classroom website. Please communicate with me if for any reason your student will not have internet access with a device at home**

III. Classroom Norms: Keep it R.E.A.L.!
IV. Grading
The Tennessee State Board of Education’s Uniform Grading Policy is followed for this course:
Grade Percentage Range:
A: 93-100
B: 85-92
C: 75-84
D: 70-74
F: 0-69

Policy located here:

Grades are weighted for this course.
-The midterm is 15% of the overall semester grade
-The final is 15% of the overall semester grade.

The remaining 70% of the course grade is weighted with the below percentages:
• Formal Assessments (80% of final grade)
• Informal Assessments (20% of final grade)

V. Coursework, Missed/Late work, & Academic Support
• Formal Assessments:
o Quizzes, Projects, & Tests:
-Assessments are designed to let students show their mastery of a concept
or idea. Rubrics are posted on classroom website & can be printed upon
-Listed in the below calendar with the date at which it is due
• Informal Assessments:
o Trabajo de la campana, Daily Classroom Culture Grade, In-class activities,
Homework, formative quizzes, & some smaller projects:
-A key part of Spanish homework is vocabulary study. Each student needs to spend
15-20 min per day studying & reviewing vocabulary to ensure their success.
-The classroom culture grade is a possible 5 points daily, accumulated as a 25
point possible total every week of class. Its purpose is two-fold; first, it is to show
understanding of culture in the U.S. & second, it is to help support the college &
career readiness of the student. The R.E.A.L. norms & procedures, preparedness
for class, & classroom behavior drive this grade.
-Rubrics are posted on classroom website & can be printed upon request.

Missed/Late work:
• Per the South Gibson County High School Faculty/Staff Handbook & the Gibson County
Special School District policy, teachers will indicate assignments that are late by
entering a "0" in the gradebook, while working with parents & students to maintain
current assignments.
• Late assignments not due to an absence will receive a point deduction of 5
points per day late.
• Formal grades (test, quizzes, projects etc.) will be taken/turned-in upon the day of the
students' return to school. For example, a student misses Friday where a formal
assessment was completed, upon their return on Monday, the test/quiz will be taken
by them on that same Monday (or turn in project, present, etc).
• All other missed class work may be made up BY THE STUDENT'S REQUEST upon their
return to class, given it does not take class time away from other students.
• The make-up work must be completed within 5 school days after returning to school,
in the order of assignment.

• All students at South Gibson County High School are expected to complete all
assignments that support the learning of the state standards and completing those
assignments to an acceptable level of mastery. (Intermediate Mid)
• In the event that an assignment is not submitted to the teacher on time and to a
satisfactory level of proficiency, the student will be scheduled to meet with the
teacher during the daily Focus sessions. This academic support will begin the
next school day.
• Should a student have missing assignments at the time that progress reports or report
cards are issued, the student will receive a zero (0), which indicates that the student
continues to be responsible for learning and completing the tasks that will lead them
to mastery and an acceptable level of understanding of the standards for the course.
• At the point that the missing/late/unacceptable assignment is submitted successfully
and within the guidelines of the attendance make-up policy, the zero will be replaced
by the grade earned. It is our belief that failing to learn should not be an option for
students, therefore, the faculty and staff have implemented levels of support that will
ensure that students have the opportunity to achieve success, if they choose a path
to success.

Available Academic Support:
• Classroom website:
• FOCUS– RTI and Enrichment sessions available every day that provide targeted
academic support
• PASS Program – before and after school peer tutoring program

V. Bathroom Policy
Students are expected to use the restroom in between classes or on breaks, just as staff is expected to do so (barring an emergency or sickness). They are allowed to use the bathroom in my class once a week with their personal, assigned bathroom pass. IF a student does NOT have their personal pass, they may NOT go to the restroom during class. Students ask & receive permission to go to the restroom in Spanish. Students MUST sign out upon leaving & sign in upon returning to class. Students are expected to use the restroom on the South Hall & return to class in a reasonable amount of time (10 minutes or less). If these expectations are not met, then bathroom privileges will be revoked. If there are extenuating health considerations, please communicate this to me or school administration in order to accommodate these needs.
VI. Electronic Devices & the Classroom
VII. Proposed Course Calendar
This calendar is subject to change per administration or teacher judgment. Please monitor the Remind application & the classroom website for announcements of changes

Preliminary Unit: Exam Monday August, 19
-Norms & Procedures -Proficiency Levels & New Standards
-Why be bilingual? -Numbers 1-31
-Salutations/Introductions -Alphabet/phonetics
-Culture: Las tres P's: Products, Perspectives, Practices
-El Calendario: days of the week, months/dates, & seasons
-Culture: Spain: Fiestas de San Fermín: El encierro

Unit 1: Exam Tuesday, September 3
-The verbs SER & GUSTAR -Interrogatives
-Salutations/Introductions (cont) -Pastimes/hobbies/activities/interests
-Culture: Paraguay vs. Texas

Unit 2: Exam, Monday, September 16
-Subject Pronouns -School
-verb conjugation -AR -Telling time
-Numbers 30-1000 -the verb HAY
-Culture: Costa Rica -infinitive verbs

Unit 3: Exam Friday, September 27
-Family -Locations/positional pronouns with ESTAR
-Adjectives (verb SER cont) -the verb GUSTAR
-Houses/homes -verb conjugation -AR/-ER/-IR
-Tengo que perífrasis -Culture: Spain
-irregular verbs DAR, ESTAR, HACER, IR, SALIR, & VER

Midterm review & exams: September 30-October 2; Midterm exams October 3 or 4 (dependent on block)

Unit 4: Exam Monday, October 28
-stem changing verbs -verbs like GUSTAR
-Foods & drinks -colors & adjectives
-expressions with the verb TENER -in the market & restaurant
-Culture: Mexico

Cultural Unit: Piñatas & El Día de los Muertos October 29-November 1 with Project due Friday, November 1

Unit 5: Exam Tuesday, November 26
-stem changing verbs (cont) -states/emotions with ESTAR
-holidays/activities/events -Near future: IR+a+infinitivo
-Preterite (Yo & Tu form) -the verb SER
-Culture: La República Dominicana

Unit 6: Exam Friday, December 13
-weather -geographical features
-present progressive -articles of clothing
-travel activities -opinions/recommendations
-community & travel/transportation
-Culture: Colombia

Finals & Semester Review: December 16-18 with Final Exams December 19 or 20 (dependent on block)

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