PoleCon 2022 Free Workshop/Seminar Leader
Thank you for wanting to share your experience at PoleCon 2022! Please submit your application by January 15. All applicants will be notified by January 30 via email from colleen@poleconvention.com -- please ensure this email is white listed/check your spam filter!

Questions? Contact Colleen directly: colleen@poleconvention.com

Free workshop leaders receive a 10% discount off their Weekend Pass.

We are seeking experts in the pole, fitness, nutrition and general business to lead free non-pole workshop classes and seminars on topics of interest to our attendees. Topics may include (but are not limited to): acro yoga, chair choreography, how to build highly functioning teams, how to correctly spot athletes of all sizes and abilities, injury prevention, social media for studio owners.

Seminars are 30 min.
Movement workshops are 60 min.

Seminars have access to chairs, projector and screen. Please bring your own laptop and any connectors needed for an HDMI cable to connect to the projector.

Movement workshops have access to chairs, yoga mats and a stereo to play music. Please bring your own phone/music device to connect to an AUX cable.
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