GreenThumb Leadership Academy Application
GreenThumb is launching a new program to support people in leadership positions at community gardens. Garden leaders play a deeply important and unique role behind the scenes making sure community gardens are thriving and welcoming public spaces. These trainings will be for gardeners who are stepping into leadership roles for the first time, garden leaders who are passing the torch to someone new, and any other garden coordinators who are transitioning to a more open, publicly accessible, collectively managed group structure. We are inviting up to two people per garden (i.e. the garden group can decide which two members will apply - GreenThumb will not consider more than two applications per garden group) to apply to be part of the first cohort of the GreenThumb Leadership Academy. Trainings will include topics such as:

- Overview of GreenThumb and the GreenThumb Gardeners’ Handbook
- Navigating city government
- Group governance and leadership structures
- Meeting facilitation
- Uprooting racism
- Conflict resolution
- Self-care and avoiding burnout

The dates of the program are Saturdays, January 11, 25, February 1, 8, 22, 29, and March 7, 14, from 9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Locations will be provided to accepted participants. Each gardener must apply separately, but there will be space in the application to let us know who you are applying with. Upon completing the GreenThumb Leadership Academy, graduates may be asked to join a group of garden leadership mentors who can help advise struggling gardens.

Deadline to apply: Wednesday, October 30, 2019
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This training is only available to members of registered GreenThumb community gardens.
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What have been some of the challenges you've encountered in leading, managing, or coordinating your garden group? *
If you are stepping into a leadership role for the first time, please describe what you've witnessed as a garden member as being some of the challenges of managing a community garden.
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How will you apply these skills to improve how your community garden operates? *
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If you would be willing to offer a 3-5 minute movement or reflection, please indicate the skill you are able and interested in sharing.
Examples: yoga, stretching, dance, meditation, drumming, sound healing, ritual, aromatherapy, etc. This is completely optional - you are not required to offer anything.
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We try to ensure a diverse group. Check all that apply. There is room to use your own language below.
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We try to ensure a diverse group. Check all that apply. There is room to use your own language below.
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We try to ensure a diverse group. This program is for adults ages 16+.
Let us know if you are applying WITH someone else.
We recommend attending this training with another leader from your garden/neighborhood/community. Each person still must fill out their own application.
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