Secret Getaways Adventure Questionnaire
The easy-peasy quiz that helps me plan your perfect getaway!
What Package did you get?
I would like to buy travel insurance through World Nomads to protect me from unexpected bumps in the road.
If you choose yes, the price is not included. I will send an invoice and purchase it for you so I don't ruin the surprise.
What budget did you select per person?
Your answer
What is your departure day?
Do you have any time restrictions on your departure day?
Your answer
Where have you been to for vacation already?
So I don't send you there again
Your answer
Are you planning any upcoming trips?
So I don't send you there either
Your answer
What do you like to do most on vacations?
Pick two at most
I prefer
Which types of culinary experiences would you be interested to participate in?
Pick all you would be interested in
What types of nightlife + alcohol experiences are you MOST interested in?
What hobbies + interests would you like to do while on vacation?
Are you traveling for an occasion?
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I would like to reserve a rental car
Many of the off-the-beaten-path destinations that I love the most require a rental car. If you are not comfortable with a rental car, you will most likely only be able to Secret Escape to cities.
I am comfortable staying in
Pick all that apply to you
Is there anything else we need to know?
Any physical limitations, dietary restrictions, children's likes/dislikes. If there are none, please type 'NONE'
Your answer
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